About Us

“Why have an association?”

The object of the association is to foster the ‘Espirit-de-Corps’, providing comradeship and welfare support to its members.

The Worksop Branch WFRA has now been up and running for over twenty years, although it was recently re-invented with a new President, Chair and Secretary. The branch is strong with 25 members and growing each month.

We meet once every two months but have social and activity events in between. Some members get together regularly at weekends for activities such as cycling, walking and the odd beer.

If you would like to join in keeping the name of The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment alive and remembered here in Worksop, then please feel welcome to attend one of our meetings. We also welcome ex-service personnel from all the other Regiments, especially those past and present in The Mercian Regiment.

For more information please contact me as per the details below or fill in the application form on the tab above.

Members pay a voluntary annual subscription of £10. This goes towards administration costs, memorial wreaths and trips etc.


Mark Butcher

Branch Secretary.


Contact Details

People interested in joining can contact Worksop Branch Secretary direct at our email address:  wfraworksop@sky.com

 Or contact RHQ at

RHQ Mercian (Nottingham), Foresters House, Chetwynd Bks, Chilwell, Nott’s. NG9 5HA Tel: 0115 9465415 .

Email : INFHQ-KINGS-MERC-Notts-ASec@mod.uk