Winter-Spring term 2017:

  • May Your Cup Always Be Full – traditional blessing, arranged by Ali Burns
  • Now The Sun – original song by Sammy Hurden
  • George Dunn’s Wassail-Trad. Arr B. Coope
    Što Mi E Milo – traditional Macedonian/Bulgarian/Balkan song
  • Winter is a coming in –Ezra Pound. arr. by Lester Simpson.
  • Peace Peace Peace- Nick Prater
  • You Gotta Sing – original song by Liz Martin
  • Imaweni – traditional Easter song from Malawi
  • Give Me Some Singing –Val Regan
  • In This Heart – Sinead O’Connor arr. Kerry Marsh
  • Hazrat Bibi Maryam –Afghani praise song. Arr Nick Prater
  • Rock Of Ages- Trad. R & L Williams and Ralf Stanley Arr Emily Miller.
  • Freedom –Alison Whittall
  • Heart – original song by Helen Chadwick
  • This Won’t Be The Last Time – traditional African-American Gospel, arranged by Dee Jarlett
  • Ode To Contentment – Shaker hymn, attributed to Issachar Bates

Summer term 2017:

  • All Will Be Well – text from Julian of Norwich, music by Juliet Prager
  • Come Right In! – original song by Ros Thomas
  • Ukholo Lwami Traditional Xhosa/Sotho Church Song.
  • Red Kite- Written by Becca Flintham.
  • We are Free- Alison Whittall
  • Sail Away, Ladies – traditional Irish/American folk song, arranged by Betsy Sansby
  • Whatever Circles Comes From The Centre – text by Jelaluddin Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks, music by Barbara Gayny
  • Just Sing- Charlie
  • Rhythm of Life- Ali Burns
  • Pokarekare Ana – Maori love song, attributed to Paraire Henare Tomoana; arrangement by Jules Gibb
  • Young Rider – Croatian/Slavic in origin
  • All Night And All Day – traditional African-American spiritual, arranged by Ysaye M. Barnwell
  • Lay My Burden Down- Nickomo Clarke.
  • Lilizela – traditional Xhosa (South African) folk song, shared by Mollie Stone & Hannah Rose


Winter/Spring Term 2016:

  • De Noche – Spain, Taizé tradition
  • Vela Sikubone – South Africa, traditional Xhosa
  • Ole Laya Loila – Finland, traditional Sami joik)
  • Balanced Be The Way – UK, Green/Avalon Roots, arr. Nick and Susie Prater
  • May Your Cup Always Be Full – Ali Burns
  • Three Native American Chants -Traditional
  • Unto This Land -Helen Yeomans
  • He Atua, He Tangata. – Maori Chant arr. Nickomo Clarke

Summer Term 2016:

  • I Will Rock My Heart -Kathy Lowe
  • Stand By Me / Chasing Cars/ Every Breath You Take/ Let It Be (mash-up)
  • Sometimes There Are No Words To Say, – Corrina Hewat
  • Welcome Table, Gospel, – shared by Cecelia Wickham Anderson
  • Bring Me Little Water, Silvie, Traditional Spiritual.
  • Zidele Amathambo – Bruce Knight
  • The Unst Boat Song – Corrina Hewat
  • Down To The Valley To Pray – USA, Spiritual
  • Laula, Traditional Scandanavian.
  • Open your Heart – Nick Prater
  • Juju – Terry Garthwaite
  • River Of Birds – Libana

Autumn/Winter Term 2016:

  • Humming Round- Nick Prater
  • Come and Sing-Nick Prater
  • Caravan of Love –Isley- Jasper Isley. Arr Bruce Knight.
  • Peace-Alison Whittall
  • We Celebrate our Unity-Vivien Couch
  • The Sweetest Kick- Steven Taberner
  • Feet on The Ground-Val Regan
  • Dark of the Moon-Karen Beth
  • Si Mama-Trad. S. African
  • Don’t Give Up-*
  • Let It Go-Susan Frisk/Michael Leunig/Teresa Verney/Becca Flintham
  • Ooo Let Me Sing-Jenny Goodman
  • Fiela- (Soto), Northern Harmony
  • Unsimakila-*
  • Gaudete-Piae Cantiones 1582
  • Let the Circle Be Wide-Tommy Sands/arr Ali Burns (chorus)