Past performances

The Berkshire Giant

Sing the World - Berkshire Giant

Sing The World were asked to perform on Snelsmore Common on mid summer’s eve in 2012 as part of the ‘Berkshire Giant’ event.

The event was part of a spectacular large-scale outdoor arts production run by the Corn Exchange in Newbury and the amazing Irish outdoor theatre company “Macnas” who created the story of ‘John Ever Afraid’.  John had been hiding in the walls of Aldworth Church for 600 years after making an ill-advised pact with the Devil. John’s story was told over seven days across the West Berkshire landscape using a remarkable combination of giant puppetry, carnival parade, art installations, music and performance.

Sing for Water

In 2011 some members of Sing The World went to London to take part in the ‘Sing For Water’ event which takes place every year in September. A huge choir, made up of smaller choirs from all over England, gathers at the scoop – an open air amphitheatre performance space in front of City Hall.  The choir is made up of over 800 people.  The singing is led by the wonderful Roxanne Smith and Michael Harper.

It was founded in 2002 by renowned composer, singer and musical director Helen Chadwick and the Thames Festival to provide a spectacular concert as part of the Thames Festival programme, while raising money and awareness for the charity WaterAid.

Sing for Water events have raised over £600,000 for WaterAid projects in India, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Malawi, bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to thousands of people.
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